Linen Yarns & Lace

Baltic Linen offers beautiful linen yarn for weavers  and knitters.

The Yarn Dynamic offers top quality linen yarn from French flax in a wide variety of colors on spools from 1 lb. to 2.5 lbs. and Hanks from .5 grams to 100grams Spun in Eastern Europe, our stock is always changing, but a supply is readily on hand at the Mill if we run low, and we receive deliveries on a monthly basis, so plan your project, and we will have your linen yarn in a week or two, if not in stock. Spool and Hank sizes are approximate, and available in single ply, 2xply, or 3xply twisted yarns. By the ounce or gram. 3 Ply is the most common. Single ply is used for very fine weaving. We will send yard yarn samples for free, but we ask you to cover postage costs.

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Choose your color from the four color charts below (click on them to enlarge):

Choose the size yarn: Single; 2X; or 3X ,  5X or 7X (3X most common for weavers)
Choose the quantity by pound,  kilogram, or hank.

Use this guide for yarn length calculations:

Yarn Size #Metric: Ounces = Yards of Yarn

Tex 56 Singles: 1 Oz = 463 yards

Tex 56 Doubles (2X): 1 Oz = 231 yards

Tex 56 Triples (3X) 1 Oz = 154 yards

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Linen Yarn of assorted types

Linen Yarn of assorted types


Yarn Hanks